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In arctic and other cold regions the supply air to shaft mines must be preheated prior to use in mining ventilation.  This is typically done with large gas or diesel mine heaters.  In addition air–to–liquid fluid heat exchangers have been  used to recover some of the heat from the extract air.  However this method has a very low inherent thermal efficiency since the exchange air–to–liquid has to happen twice.

The purpose of mine heating is to raise the temperature of the mine intake air entering the decline portal to 2 degrees C during the winter months.  The basis for heating the mine air above freezing is to:

  • Prevent the mine services from freezing including compressed air (condensation), mine water and water discharge.
  • Keep the decline road free from ice
  • Improve ergonomics and reduce cold related stress

The GUPEX plastic air–to–air crossflow plate heat exchanger, instead, is a very cost–effective method of pre–heating the supply air to the mine shaft.  The incoming cold supply air is heated directly by the warm and moist extract air which contains vast amounts of energy, which otherwise would be wasted, in a large plate heat exchanger with no moving parts.

The heat exchanger unit is built to the required air flow which can be more than 1 million m3⁄hour (>600,000 cfm), constructed with a housing connected to the air ducts and fan units  Thousands of kW power is transferred from the extract air to the supply air, saving enormous amounts of alternative energy for heating.

The large plastic heat exchanger plates are made of corrosion resistant material which withstands the humid and corrosive extracted air.  The plates are designed with low pressure drop to minimize energy consumption of the fan units.

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